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OUR Goals:

Children Home:

Right now we are taking care of 23 children they are from different states of India,we are giving them Food and Shalter.our vision is take care of 100 children from all the states of India since Grace ,cofounder of Children home from Mumbai,Maharashtra grown up in State of Rajasthan and now working in State of Andhra Pradesh so this is our vision to take the children from different states of India.

Mission school:

We plan to give education to poor and Needy children through Residential schools and College so that we can lay down strong foundation of Christ to the poor in our area which is not available for the poor at all, along with secular study we teach them the word of God this is one of the best ways to reach un reached in our areas.

Theological Training center:

We plan to start Theological training center which we can train up local leaders for the full time mission,our country India: 95 % Unreached ,to reach out our Nation of India.

Navajeevan Project:

To provide Drinking water and Bore Wells in villages and Slums.

To support the families of long term prisoners,who lost their family member in Suicide because of the family problems,HIV/AIDS,Handicapped.

To provide free Medical aids treatment to poor and and Neglected in providing care .

To provide Emergency relief to victims of Natural Calamities such as Fire, Cyclone,Tsunami Ect..

Austin Audio&Video:

India holds one fifth of the entire world's population and 40% of the worlds .

This our vision to reach out the Un educated and slums Gospel through visual pictures by showing the Videos,since our illiteracy population is 38%.

Reach out people with the Gospel and Christian Melody we use the PA system to reach out.